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Cadres MSP is committed to offer quality posters and art prints to its customers. We do all that is possible to present you, on this website, the products as precisely and accurately as possible.

However, Cadres MSP cannot guarantee the entire precision as mistakes are always possible.


Privacy Protection

Cadres MSP is committed to grant an utmost importance to Privacy Protection, and this Privacy Politics has for sole and unique objective to inform you of the methods used to collect and protect your data.

By using Cadres MSP’s website, you accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Politics.

Your information :

Cadres MSP uses only the information you provide directly. Cadres MSP commits to keep that information in our files: under no circumstances will it be in shared, sold or rented without your consent. The mailing list of Cadres MSP will not be used by other parties than Cadres MSP, with the sole objective to inform you of new products, new services or special offers.

Confidential information will not be in any case directly transmitted to other companies. Cadres MSP has a partnership agreement with PayPal, to handle your payments.

However, personally identifiable information exchanged with PayPal is not communicated, recorded or used for any secondary purposes which could identify you in any way.

Cadres MSP will use the information collected solely to treat your order and contact you if a problem should occur in the treatment of this order.

Secure website

No Internet transmission method is 100% secure. Even if Cadres MSP strives to use all commercially acceptable means to protect your personal information, and prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, we cannot guarantee a total safety.

Cadres MSP assumes no liability for any disclosure of data due to transmission errors. Cadres MSP does not assume the responsibility for acts which are impossible to control.

Links to other websites:

Cadres MSP is not responsible for private practices of other websites. The present privacy statement applies solely for the use of Cadres MSP’s website.

IP address and cookies:

We may collect and share non personal information, but this information is not personally identifiable, and we may use it with selected third parties for marketing and analysis purposes.
By using Cadres MSP's website, you agree that “non personal” information will automatically be collected, such as: your browser, the URL of the last website you have visited, your ISP, operating system and your IP address. Those are not personal data with which Cadres MSP could identify you.

That information could however be useful to us to obtain a global portrait of this site’s utilisation: broad demographic information of our users, site usage, etc.

Cadres MSP’s website generally uses cookies: those are bits of information stored on your computer by your web browser, and does not containing any personal information. Cookies allow Cadres MSP to keep articles in your shopping cart, for example. You may decide if your browser will authorise or not those cookies.


Utilisation Conditions

Welcome on Cadres MSP’s website. By visiting our website, you accept the following terms and conditions described in this Privacy Policy.

Copyright and access to the website

Cadres MSP values intellectual property. We do not reproduce nor manufacture posters, art reproductions and art prints presented on this site other than to laminate, mount or frame them. Products offered on this site were legally bought from parties who confirm to have the required reproduction rights to sell them to Cadres MSP.

As a customer of Cadres MSP, you can visit our website as often as you want. However, it is forbidden to:

  • Reproduce, copy or sell products advertised on Cadres MSP’s website, to use our logo or the content of this website to commercial fins.
  • Extract any information whatsoever by using computer tools.
  • Make an activity that interferes with Cadres MSP’s website.
  • Assist or encourage some other party to pirate Cadres MSP’s website.
  • Transmit illegal, obscene or defamatory messages through Cadres MSP’s website.
  • Use Cadres MSP’s website to generate e-mail chains.
  • Use false e-mail addresses compromising your identity.


Any utilisation of the website not beforehand authorised by Cadres MSP is formally forbidden.


You authorise Cadres MSP to contact you by e-mail. You agree that all e-mail communications have the same legal value than traditional written means of communications.


Cadres MSP’s website and its content are protected in virtue of the Copyright laws in force in Canada and applicable international laws. The content of this website cannot be used without Cadres MSP’s authorisation.

Trademarks mentioned in this website of Cadres MSP but for which Cadres MSP do not own the rights remain the properties of their respective owners, and cannot be used without their written consent.

Utilisation of connected services  

You may use various options to inform your friends and family about Cadres MSP's website, such as the Sharing Option. However, all information shared this way remains submitted to the Copyright laws, and cannot be used for other means than to promote Cadres MSP’s products.

Using those options cannot in any case modify, temper with or manipulate images, use images under another form as the one offered in the option, retire or add information to the image, or deactivate a link associated to an image.


Guaranties and limits

Cadres MSP guarantees that the products available on our Website comply with the description done on this site when you ordered.

Cadres MSP is not responsible of any damage of any nature whatsoever which may occur during the  utilisation of this website, including viruses and other noxious components.


Applicable laws

By visiting this site, you agree to comply with the Rules and Regulations in force in the Province of Québec.



Cadres MSP reserves the right to modify without notice its website, its policies and terms and conditions of this Policy; it is up to you to take the time to read the policies in force at each of your visits on our website.

Continued used of Cadres MSP’s website after the here before changes implies your acceptation of the latest updates.

Subject to change without notice.

Updated on: 02-04-2010